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Boost your career, travel, and much more. All our plans include lessons where you’ll learn skills and grow confidence in English.

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Our certified native-English speaking teachers don’t just teach, they mentor you. Your Teacher will keep you motivated to achieve results fast.

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Join live sessions with small groups at your level to further practice English conversations in real-life scenarios and apply all you have learned.

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About Grammarian Institute

Grammarian Institute is an English Language Educational Institute that specializes in helping non-native English speakers achieve greater English fluency. We offer group classes and one on one sessions in a convenient online learning environment.

Our English Professors

All of our teachers are CELTA, IELTS, TOEFL Certified or have all the certifications. They are native English speakers who specialize in reducing accents and motivating students to become confident in English and to become leaders

IELTS and TOEFL Exam Prep

Receive focused instruction on all four modules (listening, reading, writing, speaking)

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“When l started with Grammarian, my confidence in English was not very high. But now I am more able to speak and have conversations in English.”
“Grammarian helped me increase my vocabulary and helped me grow in English more than I could have imagined”
“I wanted my children to be able to attend international academies but English was required. Grammarian helped take them to the level they needed so they would excel in school”

Courses and Prices

400ريال /Month

Essentials Program

Super charge your English

800ريال /Month

Growth Program

Our most popular package

1200ريال /Month

Excel Program

Our most affordable package

1600ريال /Month

Transformation Pro..

Try an English class for 1 hour

Exam preparation

Billed Monthly for 3 months | Pay in Full (5% discount)

Who we are?

Grammarian Institute incorporates a group of highly trained academics who are true educators in every sense of the word. Our mission is not to just teach English – but to influence our students to become leaders amongst their peers and to instill the highest values. Our Aim is to provide each student with the learning path that best suits their own goals. Our experience is tailored to the individual, allowing them to learn the English language with the vocabulary and terms most suitable to the career field they wish to enter or are already immersed in. With extensive experience in public education and private education, Grammarian Institute & its faculty is equipped to provide growth and the best learning experience to each individual no matter their age or current level. Whether you choose distance education courses or a learning journey in Al Madinah, you will benefit from a creative, educational and stimulating program that builds your confidence in your English language. 


Adult program
17 years and over

Junior program
from 5 to 17 years old

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